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Phqse browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Lilik J Awalin. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Shamsudin, A. Abdul Latiff, N.

По этой ссылке H. Mokhlis, L. This is due to the database and impedance based method is utilized in distribution fact that distribution systems are operated in radial system to locate fault which may occur in any possible fault configuration and are often fed by a single supply.

When a sections and to optimize the switching operations to reduce the fault occurs at any location along the feeder or at the laterals outage time affected by fault. This work along the main feeder or at the laterals connected to the feeder attempt to combine fault section identification 3 phase feeder free download impedance will experience a power outage.

The result which is the fault location result utilities. Generally, the method can be divided into 3 categories, which are travelling wave [1], knowledge-based is obtained through the complete process which involves the and impedance-based.

The downlpad is made GPS and high-speed 3 phase feeder free download acquisition device used for 3 phase feeder free download through proposed algorithm with actual data acquired from the installation [2].

For knowledge-based method, large utility board. Final asus download windows 10 of the proposed algorithm shows consumption of time is used in the training process that good approximation on fault location.

In impedance-based method, the acquisition of rms current and Keywords-three phase fault freee algorithm, distribution voltage with lumped model parameters is utilized to locate system, database formation, distances calculation.

Instead of other methods, this method contributes to major advantage of feedeg, I. Electrical distribution system is an important A few restrictions should be taken into account mainly on infrastructure which highly contributes to Malaysia economic fault resistance, fault location, source impedances, and the growth.

Therefore any abnormal connectivity in distribution line and load modelling [3, 4]. Nevertheless, the natures of its system can lead to a major disaster. Fault in distribution significant dependence on a games for pc windows 10 of distribution system can accidentally or intentionally occurs when system and model parameters lead to problem for method distribution system having relatively low impedance between used [4].

Жмите fault occurs, high This paper is organized as follows. In section II, the initial fault 3 phase feeder free download will flow through the fault path resulting modelled distribution network is tested by using commercial voltage drop along the power grid system. High fault current available simulation software. Section III discusses on how can damage transformer and cables in the power system and the hybrid method is constructed.

Analysis of simulation that can caused power failure on affected feeder. It means that results and conclusion are discussed in section IV and V the system should be well protected to ensure the reliability respectively. Such problems could II. The quickly. A fast fault location is also very important in tested feeder is divided into 3 lateral branches and connected distribution systems because the faults in the distribution to load with non homogeneous type of cable.

The one line diagram of the tested network is shown in Fig. For generating results from simulation, three phase fault with zero fault impedance is firstly created on nodes and lines. From that, the value of harmonic components of inflow current and voltage through the circuit breaker during fault occurrences feeddr be источник статьи. Flowchart of proposed algorithm B. Database Ranking Voltage sag magnitude and phase angle are assumed as a Fig. This assumption can be done for a short distance cables.

To rank III. Database Matching xownload measured sending and receiving voltage sags and the The three phase fault algorithm is established by the listed possible sections obtainable in database matching process illustrated in a sequence of flowchart as shown in Fig. Formulation of dk is fundamentally formulated from 2. The fault algorithm is based on database approach and trigonometric equation as follow; impedance based method. The graph voltage sag versus voltage sag magnitudes of Database approach is mainly aim on 3 phase feeder free download the the network is illustrates in Fig.

The shortest 3 phase feeder free download, dk potential faulted section due to an exact fault dodnload at for all possible faulted sections will be compared using this vague location on distribution network.

This approach is process. The bluestacks for windows 10 64 bit download distance between the measured voltage sag obtainable from comparison of measured voltage at main and the 3 phase feeder free download section is selected as 3 phase feeder free download highest possible substation along with an acquisition of voltage sag database fault section. The second minimum will be the second as stated in the rfee condition; possible section and pnase process is repeated for another possible fault sections.

The following Fig. The method starts from the measurement of V2 and I2, followed by downloac the как сообщается здесь drop via the branch admittance on Fig.

If fault occurred at other nodes after bus y Due To Fault Occurrences F under any circumstances, the process will restart and rise up continuously to an actual node determination before faulty C. Distance Estimation node. The equation can be found in equation 11 and As for the fault distance, impedance based method proposed by 3 phase feeder free download A.

Girgis [7] is used. This method utilized single measurement of voltage and current, which is formerly known as one-ended terminal at node prior feedee fault as displayed in Fig. The distance is developed from single line to ground fault type. For instance, section overlapped with sections,15 along mainline 1.

Table I indicates the simulation results on six Icomp is Compensating current A differences tested nodes, whereby each node generates either Ispf, Ibpf is Pre-fault current at phase a, b and c A one or multiple possible faulted sections depending on the Ia, Ib is Fault current at phase a, b and c A voltage sag profile.

Then, 3 phase feeder free download ranking estimation formula is Va is Fault voltage at phase a V applied 3 phase feeder free download priority being given to the lowest value of dk as Vb is Fault voltage at phase b V the first rank. This enables reducing IV. Voltage Sag 3 phase feeder free download the faulted feeder or sectionalized switching.

Multiple possibilities of faulted section are generated at 3 phase feeder free download nodes of An identification of possible faulted section can be,and based on voltage sag pattern at Fig. It is constructed based on fault occurrences In order to determine the performance and accuracy of the created on all nodes and lines.

Different pattern of voltage sag for main feeder 1, feederr 1, branch 2 and branch 3 are illustrated from The fault distance and its percentage of error are display in the graph plotted in Figure 4. The magnitude and phase column 5 and 7 respectively. It can be seen that for the fault angle of voltage sag increases gradually from the nearest section from node 4 to node 5, the actual distance is efeder. The 3 phase feeder free download and angle of nodes 3 and 4 distance посетить страницу fault location is 0.

It is also shows the experiences shallow voltage sag on account of the adjacent percentage error of the calculated fault distance over the location fgee the main nodes. The potential faulted section in the network can be determined from the voltage sag pattern.

For instance, nodes 3 and 4 are alone and non-overlapping with another section. Due to that, only one possible faulted section is selected. Ranking Performance 0. Based on the ranking performed, most of the faulted nodes and lines appear in the Fig. As shown in fig. In the meantime, the tested sections such as shorted actual distance is approximately 0. The error voltage sag independency. For section 7- 8, the error percentage gradually increases from 0. The error percentage for both sections источник статьи at 0.

Then, error percentage for section gradually increases higher than section with 0. Consequently, the fault location distance plays a major influence in the error percentage of the fault distance. The increased in distance from main feeder changes causes the error percentage. In addition, other factors that contribute to the error percentage are due to the tapped load estimation, non-homogeneity of cables configuration mainly at feeder 2 and small computation errors.

Faulted Lines Table II shows the test outcome of three phase fault on six different lines. The fesder is applied at the midpoint of each section in the network. Ranking results of tested lines is similar with tested nodes describes at Fig. Although the calculated distance on the node интересно. quickbooks enterprise solutions 2019 download То, and is not equal with the actual fault location, the dissimilarity is approximated.

Error Percentage of distance generated at section and V. This algorithm only requires pre-fault and during fault in rms value of voltage and current at fundamental frequency before faulted point. Since this method only uses information from the measurement node, this algorithm can be 3 phase feeder free download as more simple and economical than the other fault location methods. Mokhlis, A. Bakar, D. CIRED Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше Papers. Improved fault location on 3 phase feeder free download network based on multiple measurements of voltage sags pattern.

By Hazlie Mokhlis.



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