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The story is not the most unique thing about this game but the execution is perfect. Boy Becomes Man I really do not want to go too in-depth with talking about the story as for me this is the most important and amazing aspect of the game. Side Quest.


Suikoden II | KONAMI DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT B.V..There was a PC Version of this game the entire time. – Suikoden II


Other gameplay elements include familiar top down exploring, item collection and classic RPG character development. Suikdoken II really is a superb entry into a crowded genre. ChrizVexx 0 point. Fantastic elastic 5 points. It works perfectly. Need to install a fps limiter as the game speed is tied to the cpu speed. In the games patch folder are some cheats to allow you to unlock any character and modify character stats etc.

I tried to translate the in game text but the problem is that every file is a. If anyone knows how to extract files from a. Harrington 0 point. SubLex 0 point. This version has only original language, pleaso don’t download anything from the patch folder becouse it contains a Trojan.. Atilla 0 point. Crovich 3 points. Tubz 1 point. I just downloaded the game..

The only way to play those game is to spend ton of money and those for the orignal disk,digital like psn no longer have them. So the only thing left is emulator. Cause right now there is no way to play them beside those option.

Vymorna View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Vymorna ; 15 Jun, pm. Khaos View Profile View Posts. With how difficult – near impossible – Konami has made it to play them I hate to say it but emulate them.

It’s just outrageous that with the amount of funding this game got that Konami still can’t figure out people want that series back in a big way. I’d buy all those games all over again on Steam. Originally posted by Khaos :. Last edited by Vymorna ; 17 Jun, am. Magic, gained from rune crystals found throughout the world and in stores, earns experience similar to Final Fantasy VII’s materia system, opening up more spells as you advance.

Suikoden II doesn’t use magic points; instead, it gives you a set number of uses for each spell per outing, making it one of the least magic-intensive RPGs on the market, another welcome break from the current trend.

As was the case with its predecessor, it feels as though an international conflict just can’t be fully realized in Suikoden II without some large-scale battles. Instead of the strategy-free battle scenarios of the original, Suikoden II adds an actual strategic element to the game’s battles.

The end result can easily be likened to the TurboGrafx’s classic, Military Madness – you position your units on a map and tell them to attack enemy units, defend, or use magic. These scenarios are far more interesting than the almost instantly winnable scenarios in Suikoden, but they still don’t amount to much more than filler minigames, and many victories and defeats are determined by the game’s story alone.

While it’s a minor point, some players will think they’re winning and but then be forced to withdraw because of some random story event. Aesthetically, Suikoden II is a few notches above its predecessor. The graphics are displayed in a noticeably crisper resolution than its predecessor. The game’s town and overworld are entirely 2D and sprite-driven, while the battle engine combines polygonal terrain and spell effects with 2D characters. Brief CG cutscenes are sprinkled throughout the game, as well, bringing a little more life to scenes that just wouldn’t have carried the same impact with simple 2D spritery.

Nice hand-drawn portraits are shown for all the game’s notable characters, as well. Even though the overworld graphics are beyond bland, the overall effect is an appealing one. The game, despite increased graphical detail, has little to no load time to speak of once you’re in the game, an always welcome bonus. Suikoden II’s sound is on par with the original’s, sporting well-instrumented RPG fare, occasionally flaunting a vocal twist.

The game’s sound effects are nice and crisp, containing actual digital samples instead of the screechy synth noises of even Square’s most expensive endeavors. The game’s translation fares far better than the first title’s did, overall. However, the competent text was obviously rushed through proofreading, marring what would otherwise have been a perfect translation.

Fortunately, other than the text, nothing has been localized for the US version – characters actually drink alcohol, not soup or coffee, as many characters were forced to drink due to the heavy-handed censors of the Nintendo era. Fans of the first Suikoden game will love the sequel – it improves on everything that had made the first game memorable.

Suikoden II brings nothing new to the genre, but it executes well enough that no one will really care. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of GameSpot is prohibited.

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