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Never miss all the cool giveaways: get notifications in your browser! Click here to get notifications about new giveaways in your browser. Ashampoo Snap 9 is the ideal screenshot and video recording solution for your PC. Capture anything you see on your screen as images or videos and add additional information, e. A picture is worth a thousand words – if it is done well!

Use the integrated text recognition to copy entire pages of text or share your processed images with friends and family. Whether you need to explain, document or simply demonstrate – Snap 9 is always the best choice! I’ve used the Snap products for years.

Excellent product and tech support. Thank you for this Giveaway. Program installed very nice but once installed began to act up. It would take screenshots without prompting and I could not find a key to save my captures. That was probably my fault for not knowing how to save.

I am using FastStone Capture and have no problems or questions with it. It does everything this will do except take video capture. Very simple to use. GOTD commended for such a good download even tho it did not suit my needs. Great software and so far no issue. Good job. How long does it take to get the registration code? Clicked the link to register and entered my email. That was a few hours ago. Still nothing in my inbox. And yes, I’ve looked in all the usual nooks and crannies to no avail.

SPAM folder, etc. The registration code, confirmation e-mail etc. Instead, if you create an account at www. It worked to me, good luck! Mike, many thanks for your suggestions. I discovered that I had Snap installed so I uninstalled it and re-installed Snap 9. I will investigate your hint re PDF Printer. Colin, I had the flashing, too. Thanks for posting. Turns out I had version 8 still installed; I thought it had been removed during installation of 9. This is a great program. I have been using it for years.

However, the new installation has two problems: 1. The little tab keeps blinking 2. When I open it, an put the cursor over the icons, they also all blink very rapidly. I have to move the cursor all the way to the left, and then they stop blinking. I am using Win I’ve been using Ashampoo products for years and their products are great. There can be 3 versions of Ashampoo apps as well — the current, full version; a limited free but current version, sometimes only available as special giveaways; the prior, often full, version, available as special giveaways.

Ashampoo’s Snap belongs in the 2nd, probably coming closest to rivaling the much more expensive Camtasia. One of those settings lets you choose your video capture codec, which is why I buy Snap frankly.

The codec you use determines how captured video is stored [its format], the quality of the video that’s stored, the amount of processing required to encode that video, and how fast it’s written to the hard drive.

For a tutorial or presentation OTOH you might use a lossless, preferably all full frame codec, because that video will be much better suited to editing.

Running Windows 7 I tried snap 9 but it didn’t work for me. The tool bar at the top of the screen the floating toolbar? Despite several installs the problem still persisted so I ended up uninstalling it.

Unfortunately, I had uninstalled Snap 8 A previous giveaway so I lost it too as it’s not possible to re-install. However, one thing I was able to establish was that the scrolling function does not handle large scale vertical and horizontal scrolling where part of an image was off screen vertically and horizontally.

The scrolling function only includes vertical scrolling. Snagit does handle vertical and horizontal scrolling but it is pricey. Unfortunately, the developer, Techsmith, never offers a giveaway version. Colin, Don’t have a clue about the flashing toolbar [graphics driver related? I think several, e. I’m a little confused.

I downloaded the registered version and notices its an old version. Shouldn’t we all be getting the latest version, especially given all those security flaws from last year. I’m going to shampoo that old version right out of my hair and get the version.

Thanks so much for making a free software available. I’m an adjunct professor with three kids and two in college. Nuff said, I’m “po” and those tax cuts are not going to help me a bit. Your service, however, does. John S, not being funny but have you read the page you link to? Same goes for Snap 10 and Snap , now whether Snap has any better features or even less features than Snap 9 is anyones guess!

I’m certainly not going to waste my time and effort comparing them. I always install Snap, I even upgraded a couple of times.

A great tool, I use it all the time. The editing options are great. Highly recommended. One point though – till now I had Snap 7 – I am not sure that there are many new features in this one. Are there enough changes to warrant replacing Snap 8? Hopefully it will help answer your question. I have Snap 8 too, and am also debating whether to upgrade ;-. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks Ashampoo, I have many of your products. This installs quickly and works just fine on Win Contrary to others I love Ashampoo Snap because of its built-in output features not only to various drives but formats as well.

So the free upgrade given away today is most welcome, especially as the download comes without wrapper. Much appreciated, thank you dear Giveaway Team and Ashampoo. I have Snap7. The description of the newer version doesn’t mention “user friendly”. I would suggest to Ashampoo a company I like , to consider restructuring the Pgm for ease of use. With GreenShot you press Print-Screen, get a user defined drag box and it exports a nice high res image to one of many programs you choose in advance or on the fly.

Easy Peasy. There is also a way to have the image sent to one of your programs that’s not in the list. I don’t feel you should need to go to night school to learn to use any program. Ashampoo should give that point some serious thought. Frank Russo, “I would suggest to Ashampoo a company I like , to consider restructuring the Pgm for ease of use But like most types of software, capture apps can vary quite a bit, often depending on what the software’s designed to accomplish.

Snap packs in quite a few features that, no matter how the GUI is designed, will by necessity make it a little bit harder to learn to use. Greenshot by comparison does not have tons of features, so it can be kept simple.

There’s always something to be said for not paying for stuff you don’t use, whether the extra amount you pay is in time to learn or money. Is there a detailed user manual that I can download as pdf? I have earlier Snaps but never use them because they are complicated and I cannot find good instruction videos. Greenshot foss good generic , Monosnap one of the best with desktop screen recording , Mr. Shot great for freehand drawing your capture area , Bug Shooting Many Options – Free for personal use, CaptureIt Plus basic with some features like capture circle rectangle active window time delay , iWeSoft Screenshot Capture has webcam capture and some cool tools , just a quick list and more like pic pick is a good one.



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