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The following table represents a subset of the shortcut keys and command aliases predefined in Inventor. View predefined shortcut keys and command aliases by selecting Tools tab Options panel Customize and select the Keyboard tab.

Help for the active command or dialog box. Pans the graphics window. Zooms in or out in the graphics window. Rotates objects in the graphics window. Previous View. Returns to the previous view. Isometric View. Display the isometric view of the model. Slice Graphics. Partially slice away the model to reveal the sketch plane. Show All Constraints. Display all constraints. Hide All Constraints. Quits a command. Deletes selected objects. Inventor: In assemblies, applies a mate constraint.

In a sketch, moves spline shape points. Inventor LT: Moves spline shape points. Assembly not available in Inventor LT. Sketch Inventor LT.

Select Other. In model views, when selecting a component or subassembly, accesses the Select Other drop-down menu. Activates Redo revokes the last Undo. In the active Line command, removes the last sketched segment. Activates the Select command menu.

Automatically rotates model in graphics window. Click to quit. Activates the Balloon command. Baseline Dimension Set. Activates the Baseline Dimension Set command. Center point circle. To draw a circle. Activates the Constraint command. Create a chamfer. Part Inventor LT. Circular Pattern.

Creates circular pattern of sketch geometry. General Dimension. Activates the General Dimension command. Face Draft. Activates the Extrude command. Creates a fillet. Feature Control Frame. Activates the Feature Control Frame command. Activates the Hole command.

Activates the Line command. Leader Text. Creates a leader text. Creates a loft feature. Move Component. Activates the Move Component command. Creates a mirror feature. Create Component. Activates the Create Component command. Ordinate Dimension Set. Worldwide Sites You have been detected as being from. Autodesk Software Keyboard Shortcuts. Commands and Hotkeys. AutoCAD Shortcuts. AutoCAD for Mac. AutoCAD Architecture.

Architecture Shortcuts. Civil 3D. Civil 3D Shortcuts. AutoCAD Electrical. Electrical Shortcuts. Maya, Mudbox and Sketchbook Pro Shortcuts. Maya Shortcuts. Mudbox Shortcuts. Sketchbook Pro. Sketchbook Shortcuts. Fusion , Inventor, and Revit Shortcuts. Fusion Fusion Shortcuts. Revit Shortcuts.


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1. Panning Holding down F2 can be used to access the panning tool, which allows you to move the graphics area around. · 2. Zooming · 3. Rotate · 4. Screen Menu · 5. The product keys for Autodesk products, in alphabetical order, “ctrl + F” keyboard shortcut to easily find the product you want). Read Learn Autodesk Inventor Basics by T. Kishore with a free trial. Customizing the Ribbon, Shortcut Keys, and Marking Menus.


Inventor Shortcuts 【 AutoDesk Inventor shortcuts PDF 】 Inventor keys

Below, you’ll find an abbreviated list of commands that can be used in Inventor. Another major advantage of iFeatures is that they enforce standards. All Rights Reserved. They have access to what might be the largest stockpile satellite imagery in the world and are using a technology stack that focuses on very large scale image proces You can also use the keyboard shortcut: press Ctrl 0 zero to switch from Clean Screen display. Rotational Specify one rotational DOF. The geometry you select determines the default joint type, or you can specify a joint type.


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